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Company name- Jivita

It's Show Time!!

Summer garden Bracelets

I have met many of you through various art and craft festivals over the years. This is where I launched my business (anyone remember that first Beverly Hills Art Show?) and it continues to be the best way to get my jewelry out into the world. Seeing the jewelry on the body is inspiring, because after all, its meant to be worn and we are all so fabulously different. It's like music to my ears when just the right piece finds just the right person.

Los Flores Earrings

Of course, the best part of doing art shows is meeting all of you! Suzanne and I love working in the studio. We try out ideas on each other and wear the jewelry around to see how it lays and works with the body. However, it is when we see it on you that what we do really makes sense. We love to hear your feedback and it really helps us to grow the work. We also really enjoy hearing your stories of travel, family, pets, hobbies and all the things that inspire you. This is what keeps us motivated and keeps us creating.

Work in progress

Many of you have asked how one gets into art shows and the answer is, through a pretty intensive juried process. Usually, my show seasons are April-June and September-December. Before each season starts, I spend a lot of time researching new art events and completing the jury applications. The juried application process usually involves sending in a portfolio of your work, bio and artist statement along with the application. The selection committee reviews the photos and makes their decision based on originality, creativity, marketability, and craftsmanship. While wonderfully photographed work always helps, its not always a guarantee on whether I'll be accepted or not.

coffee break in the studio

This year I wanted to create something extra special and decided to work with a new photographer who specializes in photographing jewelry. Cole image was amazing to work with and she allowed me to see the pieces from a new angle. The drama she brought to each image really helps to capture the multi-layered look of each piece.

bracelet in progress, studio shot

This group was started early summer, right before my break and was finished upon return. Inspired by the beautiful early summer blooms in my garden and some delicious watermelon tourmaline I had recently picked up at a gem show, this collection is truly an ode to summer. Although there are only five pieces, they required a little more technical work and research, which some of you may have seen documented in my instagram stories.

Verano Earrings

I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed making them!

Summer Garden Necklace

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