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Raw, Earthy, Modern

 Jivita's jewelry is an exploration of functionality and beauty. Each piece is hand fabricated using traditional metalsmithing techniques. Her limited production collections are then molded and cast in downtown Los Angeles, CA using recycled and reclaimed silver.

Jivita learned her craft at California State University, Long Beach where she earned a fine arts degree in Metal working. After several years apprenticing for other jewelry artists, she launched her own line in 2001, her work is now divided into four distinct but very interchangeable collections.


Vaya, a collection about raw texture and contrast combines gold-fil with oxidized sterling silver and precious gems for a lux, earthy, modern look.

Mojave, a collection that has been growing for nearly a decade is a body of sterling silver work that is inspired by the Southern California landscape.

Sierra, a collection of bold linework that celebrates the Sierra Nevada Range of California, has a strong contrast of bright mountains and dark sky that is enhanced with bezel-set gems. Sun, moon, wind and rain are all honored in this mountain inspired collection.

One of a kind work is just that. Each season, a group of work inspired by unique stones and raw textures, is created. Every piece is made by hand from basic sheet and wire and paired with hand-selected stones. No mold is made so no two are ever alike. Jivita also does custom work, specializing in wedding rings, family rings and anniversary jewelry.

Born in Dordrecht, Holland of French and American parents, Jivita's life was instilled early on with a love of travel, art and architecture. Moving to Southern California, her family spent many weekends and holidays camping and taking road trips all over the west. She continues in this tradition with her husband, two boys and their dog. When not traveling she spends her days working in the studio, reading, listening to music, enjoying the company of her amazing studio mates and being awed by the subtle beauties of everyday life. Jivita's studio is in Long Beach, California.

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