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Cast from a real rose thorn in my garden, these delicate thorn earrings add a little edge to whatever you wear. The rose has such a powerful place in our history and imagination. The queen of flowers, she protects herself with barbed stems, she is powerful and strong. 

"Those that crave the rose must respect the thorn"- Persian proverb


These small thorn earrings are beautiful worn with multiple piercings and can be part of a lovely narrative combo. They are also strong enough to be worn alone daily.


Listing is for one pair of thorn earrings

Oxidized Sterling Silver or Gold Plated
Thorn: 5/8 inch length
1/2 inch french hooks

Thorn is molded from natural thorn and is cast using the lost wax method in Los Angles, California

Thorn Earrings

metal choice
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